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Personalized Shatterproof Cups - 8 Sizes

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Custom Personalized Shatterproof Frost Cups, available in 8 sizes. These personalized cups are not only stylish, but also shatterproof and dishwasher safe. Perfect for any event or everyday use, enjoy peace of mind while sipping in style. Use them again and again.

  • 8oz is great for brunch, wine tasting and children's parties
  • 10oz and 12oz are perfect for any party, great for wine, mixed drinks and soda
  • 14oz and 16oz are great for most beverages, 16oz is the most popular size
  • 20oz and 24oz are great for larger drinks including ice tea, soda and beer

  • Choice of personalization style and ink color. Available with monogram, text, or occasion icon plus desired text.

    Also available with custom logo.  Please email for quote. 

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